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Citrus Park Drive Extension, Hillsborough County, Florida

Owner: Hillsborough County

The project consisted of creating design and construction plans for improvements to and the extension of the existing Citrus Park Drive from Countryway Boulevard to Sheldon Road, approximately 2.8 miles.  Tierra performed a subsurface exploration plan including 163 SPT borings, 438 hand auger borings, muck delineation, infiltration testing, and pavement cores.   Laboratory testing was performed on selected samples.  Due to the site conditions, Tierra utilized amphibious and track-mounted drilling equipment.  Along with geotechnical recommendations for roadway,  stormwater retention, walls, culverts, and bridge structures, a Technical Special Provision (TSP) was prepared.  The TSP addressed geogrid reinforcement under a surcharge embankment and a system of settlement plates to enable the Engineer to observe, monitor and determine the magnitude and rate of ground settlement as a result of the surcharge and embankment construction over soft soils.