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City of Tarpon Springs Public Service Building Expansion, Pinellas County, Florida

Owner: City of Tarpon Springs

The project consisted of a 2,000 square feet building expansion to the existing City of Tarpon Springs Public Services Building located at 325 East Pine Street.  In addition, a stormwater management facility (pond) was proposed at the project site.  Tierra performed subsurface explorations and testing at the project site consisting of Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings, auger borings, and field hydraulic conductivity testing.  Representative portions of the soil samples obtained were collected and brought back to Tierra’s Tampa laboratory for confirmation of the field classifications by a geotechnical engineer.  The borings were stratified and soil profiles plotted for use in the engineering analyses performed to formulate the geotechnical recommendations to support the design and construction of the proposed improvements. 

Geotechnical recommendations were provided informal engineering reports for the exposed shallow foundations and stormwater pond design.  The foundation recommendations included allowable bearing capacity, minimum foundation dimensions, recommended foundation levels, settlement estimates, floor slab recommendations and construction considerations including site preparation recommendations, recommended fill types and compaction criteria.  The pond design recommendations included horizontal and vertical hydraulic conductivity rates for the near-surface soils encountered within the proposed pond area, recommended values for the effective porosity of the near-surface soils within the proposed pond area and an estimation of the seasonal high groundwater table level within the proposed pond area. Signed and sealed reports were provided to the design engineer for use in the project construction plans and for design and permitting of the proposed stormwater pond.