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Geotechnical Drilling Capabilities

Tierra owns and operates one of the largest and modern geotechnical drilling operations in the State of Florida. Tierra’s drilling equipment includes fully operational land-based drill rigs including light to heavy track-mounted all-terrain drill rigs. Tierra is also equipped with specialized portable tripod drill rigs and a self-propelled barge-mounted drill rig that allows us to access difficult locations and navigate tight spaces. Each drill rig is operated by a drilling foreman with an average experience of more than 15 years. To ensure the safety of our staff, each drilling foreman is supported by a driller’s helper trained in technique, safety and quality.

All drilling equipment is owned by Tierra and available to support our client’s needs. This is important when schedules are short and subcontract drillers are too busy to meet the needs of a project. A list of Tierra’s drilling equipment can be provided upon request.