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Geotechnical Engineering

Tierra can provide a complete range of geotechnical engineering services. Our organization helps the construction and long-term performance risks associated with subsurface conditions.  These services include planning, field and laboratory programs, design recommendations, quality control, and instrumentation and performance studies.  Applications are for roadways, buildings, airport facilities, transportation systems, landfills, dams, and other civil and private projects.


Tierra is able to assist in providing geotechnical support services during the planning of a new project or expanding an existing facility.  These services identify the best site for a potential project, potential cost considerations, and estimate construction and grading requirements.  Services include:

  • Preliminary geotechnical and geologic studies
  • Project Development Environment (PD&E) Studies
  • Sinkhole Investigations and Remediation
  • Development of foundation support systems, deep and shallow
  • Geophysical studies
  • Development of a site rating system
  • Determination of borrow availability (both on-site and off-site)


Geotechnical engineering is an important consideration in the design of a new or expanding facility and during remediation activities for a failed or distressed facility.  Tierra’s geotechnical design services generally include soil test borings, in situ testing, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis.  Specific information and design recommendations may contain:

  • Recommendations for foundation type, excavation and grading, soil stability, and site preparation
  • Stormwater management and remediation
  • Construction dewatering and drainage systems
  • Slope stability analysis and lateral earth pressure determination
  • Excavation, bracing and undercutting design
  • Site grading recmmendations
  • Pavement design
  • Erosion sedimentation and flood potential evaluation